What does Grade 'A' mean?

The Driving Standards Agency conduct periodic standard tests to ascertain the level of tuition given by Driving Instructors.

Ian McQuillan was given a Grade 'A' which means "A high overall standard of instruction"


There are core competencies that are assessed and graded, which are as follows.




Within each section there are sub categories that need to be demonstrated in all elements during every driving lesson.


  1. Did the trainer identify the pupil's learning goals and needs
  2. Was the agreed lesson structure appropriate for the pupil's experience and ability?
  3. Were the practice areas suitable?
  4. Was the lesson plan adapted, when appropriate, to help the pupil work towards their learning goals?
  1. Did the trainer ensure that the pupil fully understood how the responsibility for risk would be shared?
  2. Were directions and instructions given to the pupil clear and given in good time?
  3. Was the trainer aware of the surroundings and the pupil's actions?
  4. Was any verbal or physical intervention by the trainer timely and appropriate?
  5. Was sufficiant feedback given to help the pupil understand any potential safety critical incidents?
  1. Was the teaching style suited to the pupil's learning style and current ability?
  2. Was the pupil encouraged to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning?
  3. Were opportunities and examples used to clarify learning outcomes?
  4. Was the technical information given comprehensive, appropriate and accurate?
  5. Were the pupil's queries followed up and answered?
  6. Did the trainer maintain an appropriate non-discriminatory manner throughout the session?
  7. At the end of the session - was the pupil encouraged to reflect on their own performance?
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